Black Line London’s Best of 2014 Gallery.

It’s impossible to really capture what Black Line London means to our family members, but we’ll give it a go.

As 2014 draws to a close, here are some of our best bits – it might be a great photo, an important moment or just something that made us laugh.

We hope you had a great year…..see you in 2015.


BLL Andalucia

 January: Paul Deen, Paul Smernicki & Nico van der Westhuizen winter train under big skies in Andalucia.

Wokingham half marathon

February: No Wokingham Half? No problem! We arranged our own in Richmond Park. 

SA bike recce

April: First big event of the year as a delegation head to Ironman South Africa, motherland to several of the gang. Looking good on a bike course recce.


April: IMSA – James Peet finishes in spectacular style. 

Jane Mallorca

May: Ironman Mallorca 70.3 – Jane Hansom wins her age group. The Universe remains stable.


May: Ironman Mallorca 70.3 – Ashley, Paul and Team Freespeed’s Matt Molloy spend the last 5k of the run discussing the 4th discipline: How to execute the perfect photo finish.


May: It’s not all Ironman. Captured by husband Carel, Alecia makes final adjustments before the North Downs Way ultra marathon.

sexiest trio in tri

July: The self-proclaimed ‘handsomest team in tri’ dominate at Bananaman.  They told me to write that.

Outlaw finish

August: Epitomising the BLL ethos 2 grown men, one of them looking like Malibu Ken, hold hands as Paul and Sam narrowly miss the podium in The Outlaw team relay. It should be noted they were a team of 2.


August: By far the hardest thing anyone at BLL did this year was Mel Wasley’s epic adventure at Norseman. It’s insanely hard and she smashed it.

James Peet_Zell_am_See

August: Looks fast? Is fast. James Peet at Zell am See 70.3


August: Paul Smernicki completely gubbed after Ironman Copenhagen. “I said many times on the run “never again” but was front of the que to enter for 2015 the next day.”

Nico Ironman Wales Run

September: Great shot of Nico at IM Wales, sporting our new Fusion Sport kit on his his way to 3rd in AG and Kona ’15 qualification….a great day for him and us.


September: South African Wildebeest trample all over the New Forrest. Wildebeest win.


September: Dark horse Al Maher rocked up at IM Louisville without telling us, and powered to a PB. More importantly, he met Colonel Sanders who asked for a BLL T-Shirt. We told him to fuck off.


October: The big show! We were so proud to have 3 of our gang at Kona. Here, Jen gives Deenzy pure evils as they get ready for check in.


October: BLL at Kona. Jen Hill, Mary Collins, Michael Collins and Paul Deen. Envy and pride in equal measure.


October: Young Team at Park Run. Next gen, yeah?

Troy 100KM

November: Troy does a 100km run. Respect, but THAT’S JUST FUCKING NUTS BRO!! 


December: There is only one pic we could finish with. The world will soon be one person faster. Congrats Michael and Mary Collins for helping Black Line London grow……

BLL’s Best of 2013 Playlist

Music is a big part of life here at Black Line London, and we know that what the internet needs right now is another one of these, so here is our Best of 2013 playlist, compiled by BLL’rs world wide.

But we need your help to make it up to an OCD friendly 15 tracks, so leave us your 4 suggestions in the comment box and the best submission will be rewarded with some yet to be decided piece of BLL merch.


My Favourite Albums of 2013

Albums of 2013

I like music. A lot. So please indulge me while I tell you about some of my favourite albums of 2013.

(Click the title to open in Spotify).

In no particular order….

Frightened Rabbit – Pedestrian Verse: Full of wit, yearning, heartache and joy this is one of those albums that even after hundreds of listens, still takes me by surprise. I think Frightened Rabbit are probably my favourite band of the last 20 years and this is their pinnacle do date.

Daniel Avery – Drone Logic: This is my kind of repetitive beats…the right amount of bleepiness mixed with just the right level of bangingness. I’m sure this is the sort of record that would’ve brought Thatchers government to it’s knees. Great for running to.

Foals – Holy Fire: I think this album is even in Classic FM’s  ‘best of 2013’ list. Know why? Because it’s EXCELLENT! The track ‘Providence‘ might even be my top song of the year. All albums on this list should be played loud, but turn this one up to 11.

Nine Inch Nails – Hesitation Marks: If you’d asked me at the start of the year if I liked NIN the response would have been an overwhelming “Meh!”. This was not an album I was waiting for, and I had zero expectation of it. But I guess old Trent still has a few aces up his sleeve because this is one of my most listened to of the year. Maybe he’s less angry now? Whatever…this is a great record.

Pissed Jeans – Honeys: There are times when only a slightly shambolic, shouty, heavy, Sub-Poppy and really fucking loud blitz of punk will do. In such times, this is the record to listen to. You might very well hate this.

CHVRCHES – The Bones Of What You Believe: There was a time when such a thing as credible British pop music really existed. Really…that happened. This shimmering thing of beauty from Chvurches (yes…it’s pronounced Churches) is definitely one of the gems of 2014. Incredibly catchy songs with real depth and that undefinable Glasgow feel makes for a pop gem.

Daughn Gibson – Me Moan: I don’t even really know how to describe this album. A bit country, slightly spooky and in a genre of it’s on is probably my best shot.

Honourable mentions also go to three reissues:  The Waterboys for the biblically proportioned 6 CD exploration of their classic Fisherman’s Blues album: The Waterboys – Fisherman’s Box  and Soundgarden for the re-issue of the EP’s that ushered in an epoch of loud guitars and a whole new genre: Soundgarden – Screaming Life/Fopp.

I’m also banking of the fact that I have forgotten at least  a couple of things, so reserve the right to add to this list.

Black Line London’s Best Albums of 2012

black line london's best albums of 2012

Everyone at Black Line London loves music. It’s an integral part of what we are about and in keeping with the tradition of end-of-year round ups, and because we hope you might discover something new here are some of our best albums of 2012 as chosen by BLL’rs.

Laura Trimble: Muse – The 2nd Law

Mark Shipton: Chairlift – Something

Alastair Maher: Of Monsters And Men – My Head Is An Animal

Troy Squires: Shearwater – Animal Joy

Paul Burton: Lucy Rose – Like I Used To

Paul Smernicki: Grizzly Bear – Shields

Paul Deen: Jake Bugg – Jake Bugg

Andrew Trimble: The Lumineers – The Lumineers

Nick Hussey: The Maccabees – Given To The Wild (strictly speaking, this is a 2011 release but as it’s new to Nick and so totally brilliant, it’s included!)

Black Line London’s Best of 2012