Nick Hussey

About Nick Hussey:

Did athletics badly as a youngun until knees went klunk. Started racing bikes aged 13, in Nottinghamshire. Did Sports Science & Physiology degree. Back went a bit rubbish aged 19. Stopped distance cycling recently after 6+ (we’re not sure) disk ruptures. Learnt to swim aged 38. Hated water, now love it. Never been heavier….Never had any muscles except quads until now. I founded a high-end performance stylish cycling apparel company called Vulpine in 2012.

My wife Emmalou is about to have our first baby. I have a jack russell called Lily. We live in Wimbledon. I like to polish bicycles and dry swimming gear. I’m not allowed to run. Ever (phew). I no longer shave my legs.

I am utterly, insanely in love with cycling, and pretty loopy¬†about endurance sport.¬†My competitive cycling involves super short roller-racing sprints…Embracing the anaerobic (naughty).