Last Last Last Minute Gift Ideas for Triathletes.


Christmas Gift Ideas for Triathletes
Christmas Gift Ideas for Triathletes

Shit!  You have a gaggle of triathletes coming for Christmas and you haven’t got them any gifts.

Panic not, here are 4 very last minute gift ideas for triathletes that don’t require Santa delivery, just a laptop and a credit card.

Tri Harder with Chrissie Wellington by Audiofuel

An excellent package of beats heavy electronic music designed as the perfect warm up, run, ride and relax training sessions with a programmed designed and narrated by Chrissie Wellington.

From £8.99 for an individual session to £39.99 for the full monty podium pack.

A Quality Sports Massage

You can’t beat a great massage from someone who understands what a triathlete puts their body through, but for many it’s one of the things that can seem like a luxry from both a time and cost point of view.

Aurelie Almieda and her team at The Tri Touch in SW London work with some of the best coaches and athletes out there, and know their onions.

Use the ‘book now’ button to go ahead and make someone’s day.

Macca x12 Subscription

You will probably need to really like the person you get this for but for a one off $97US you can kit them up with a fantastic digital tool box of training sessions, tips and insight.

You might find some similar sessions on you Tube, but there are all shot brilliantly, consistently high quality and sessions that will make you hurt.

A Training Peaks Account

One of the best tools any triathlete or cyclist could have, and for you (the gifter) a range of options. If your giftee is not on Training peaks you can set them up on the basic account for free. In fact, you should do that anyway. Then you could choose to upgrade them to the premium edition for a month ($19.95), 3 months ($49), 6 months ($79) or a full year ($119).

And because we are super nice, if you would like to try the premium edition for free for 2 weeks, let us know and we’ll hook you up.


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