Jenny Hill

About Jenny Hill:

While drunk in a bar in Bolivia, I announced I was going to take up triathlon, represent GB and finish an ironman. I didnt own a bike or know how to swim at this point, but I have never been interested in the finer details of plans.

Six months later I returned to Blighty and booked some swimming lessons. In my second season of tri I qualified for the Age Group team in Olympic tri and Duathlon. Goal one, done.

Working as a leader in the expedition world made it difficult to train for an ironman, but not to enter them. Having not touched a bike, swimsuit or put on trainers for 5 months while living in mountains and deserts, I felt ready to take on goal 2. The ironman. So while in a sweaty internet cafe in Delhi, I entered an ironman race.The next summer, goal two was complete, with a 2nd in age group finish.

I moved into a more sensible, UK based job, and my second ironman saw me become World FireFighter Champion at Iron Distance triathlon. A chance conversation during the marathon led me to meet the Black Line gang…

The Black Line for me is usually the wheel in front that I desperately battle to stay attached to. It’s also a group of fun, motivated athletes, that inspire and bully me into getting the best out of myself.