Get Plan. Do Plan. Fly.

With the end of the triathlon season now a few weeks behind us, and the fading of the pain, your thoughts might just be turning towards 2013.

Mine certainly has, and ‘The Plan’ is beginning to form.

I’m telling you this for two reasons. Firstly, I’ve found that if you tell lots of people you are going to do something and then don’t do it, you look like a tool. So avoiding that scenario is pretty good motivation. Secondly, I’ll be writing, posting and Tweeting the shit out of all of this, so consider it a heads up.

Run More:

My 2012 season was defined by poor running, so improving that is key. I don’t really enjoy running, and certainly didn’t run enough in 2012. So I’ll be addressing that by getting more miles in my legs. And to really kick start that I’ll be doing #50Runs#50Days, starting soon – look out for lots of Tweets about that.

 Get Strong:

Like most people I probably know enough about strength and conditioning to be dangerous but not enough to really nail it. I want to be sure I’m getting the most possible gain from the time I spend on it and have benchmarks along the way to measure by. and So I’ve booked a session at  St Mary’s University for a full physio assessment and strength and conditioning clinic.

Bike Race:

Why the hell not?! It looks like great fun and can only make me a better biker. I’ve got my Cat 4 racing license and hope to try and do some winter crit racing.

In addition, I’ve entered some mountain bike races. Again, mostly for fun and I figure a great way to keep it interesting and develop some bike skills over winter.

Become a Training Peaks super user:

I love Training Peaks. It’s a fantastic training tool and not only is there a great free version, it just works. I’m drawn to data, it appeals to me and I think provides measurable benchmarks in training and performance. So, I pledge to really get under the skin of this brilliant tool and share tips, experiences, data files and insight from all of the above along the way.

So these are the things I will be building my season around, starting now. I’d love your comments, questions and maybe even your participation…..

What’s your plan?



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    Likewise I’ve got grand plans for 2013 and beyond, starting with a Premium Training Peaks account which I’ve just signed up for and am now slowly trying to backfill it with old training logs. I’ve wanted to get into the numbers side of training for ages and I think this is going to help.

    I look forward to reading how you get on with it.

    Nice to see public goals put out there – I’m in the same view. Stick your neck out there with a goal as motivation.

    Are you being coached for 2013? It’s certainly helped me and other BLLers this year

    Any advice on coaching?
    I’d like to get down this route too, but I’m at a total loss about where to start.

    I’ve got a late season 70.3 (lanzarote) in 3 weeks, and after that I want to train properly to see if I can qualify for vegas in the next two years…

    Hi Mathieu – my suggestions would be to talk to people you trust about their coaching experiences and look at their recommendations. Then take time to speak to the coach and make sure they are the right person for you and you are the right athlete for them – don;t be afraid to say if you think it’s not a good match. And finally, Training Peaks have a good ‘find a coach’ feature where you can find people near you.

    Hey Paul.
    I was thinking to use the TP ‘find a coach’ feature indeed. I seriously need to dig into its feature and get pass the first impression on the look of the application!

    Thanks for the suggestions!

    Hey Paul. Each time you’ve stuck your balls out there to be chopped off by any doubters you have firmly replied with a resounding middle digit of success – GB age group, Roth etc. Great work and keep hanging them out there as this public approach is a great motivator as you say. Coming at not only this increasingly addictive sport but also general fitness and life vibe from a different place to you Blackliners… you know, the sofa, not the road has long been my friend…until…May 10th this year..change of job, change of attitude, change of life style, change of priorities, all helped some amazing results from head to toe, both outwardly visible, but actually some of the best changes felt internally and perhaps more noticeable to those around me that I spend quality, life affirming time with – you, Kate and Athol included (not sure Athol’s perception of me will have changed greatly tbh!) Working on core, cardio and strength with regular sessions has been a great start, 13 kg lost, inspiring me to a not so inspiring time but none the less, completed Sprint event start of July. The Plan down the M4 in BS30 is as follows – stick my balls out as well, and having already splashed several hundred Euros, look forward to a 6 1/2 month plan to get me through the tape in Mallorca 70.3 next May 11th. 10K in Brighton booked in 4 weeks time, will also look forward to picking and choosing some bits to do early doors next year to prep for May. Different goals and targets to you and some of the guys I know you train alongside, but certainly looking forward to the reward of a cool beer with all of you on that Saturday night in May. It’ll be 2 days after my birthday and a year + a day from the start of this journey. It feels chilly in here..ah…my balls are out. Much respect P. Richie

    Paul, so cool to find your group on the Internet. I am a marathon runner turned triathlete and had a season come to a tragic conclusion due to shoulder surgery. I am rehabbed and ready for an exciting 2013 season and would like to know the best way for an international athlete (from USA) to secure a spot in Challenge Roth. Most races here sell out in less than 15 minutes. What are my chances of getting a bib?

    Carolyn try Nirvana Europe for a travel package that includes a Roth slot. We went with them last year as one of our group didn’t initially get a slot when they went on sale and sold out in half a day! They were brilliant and took care of everything which in Roth is very handy as you have to stay in Nuremberg which is a 30 min drive away

    It’s worth noting that in previous years there have been some extra Roth slots released around the beginning of December. I’ve no idea if they’ll be doing it again, but I seem to recall it being quite well advertised by them on FaceBook.

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