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Lost Mojo

Lost your training motivation?

For many Northern Hemisphere athletes, this time of year can start to drag. We all kicked-off or ramped up our training on January 1st and now we are into March with little sign of good weather, it can be tough to keep the mojo flowing.

Reading plenty “Where’s my mojo gone?” comments, I thought it useful to share a few ways to make your own mojo.

Find a friend

A ‘training partner’ can make all the difference. I for one would rarely get up early in the morning if it weren’t for knowing someone else was waiting/relying on me. Make a plan with a friend and help motivate each other.


When possible, use your route to or from work as training. That way, when you get to the other side, the train’s done.


Pack or layout your kit before you go to bed. Make it as easy as possible to get up and go. Any excuse in the morning will be an excuse not to get up.

Small goals

Commit to 15 minutes. In most instances, once I’m out on the road or in the pool, I’ll stick at it for longer. Committing to a long session can be daunting so eat the elephant bite by bite.

Put it in writing

Tell the world what you’re going to do. Facebooking or tweeting your planned exercise makes it harder to back out. It also has the tendency to provoke motivational replies and support.

Train early

When possible, get your training done first thing. Something will always come up, eating into your after work time. By the time ‘5:30pm’ comes, you’re over it and simply want to go home. Lunchtime is another great opportunity to get a session in. It wakes you up and your colleagues will think you’re a super hero. Why not find a colleague to join you? See ‘Find a friend’…


Music is a magical motivator. Create a playlist of your favourite tunes, stick your headphones on, and let the music move you.

Leave your watch at home

Pace, HR, distance, effort…we live in a world where we try measure everything. Go back to basics. If you switch off the clock, you switch off your mind. Far too often we ‘fear the clock’.

Find a carrot to dangle

Enter a small/local race to help you aim towards something. Remember, a small race is part of the training so you don’t have to be ‘peaking’ to do it. It doesn’t matter what shape you’re in when you’re on the start line, just enter the race to help keep you motivated.


Find somewhere new. You’d be amazing at how motivating a change of scenery can be.

Club run

If in the UK, events like parkrun are brilliant. A regular, free, organised (but informal) event with people of massively varied abilities. The social aspect is great.

Reward yourself

Create little rewards for when you get out. I’ll often promise myself a ‘posh’ coffee if I run into work.

Most of us love what we do so it’s not necessary to implement these tips all the time. But when you start feeling a drain in the mojo department, one of these may help plug the hole.

Do you have any fun/clever tips? I’d love to know so please get in touch below.



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