Gifts for Athletes You Should Really Buy For Yourself

Vulpie Harrington

Because Black Friday and Cyber Monday aren’t enough, we at Black Line London wanted to bring you the obligatory ‘Christmas Gifts I would Like For Myself’ post.

Vulpine Harrington Jacket suggested by Paul Burton (above)

“Because I bought my sister one for Christmas last year and she absolutely adores it. As good off the bike as on the bike. Be an endurance sport hero without looking like a chopper all the time”


Tenspeed Hero Socks

Tenspeed Hero Socks suggested by Mel Wasley

“Hang on hear me out. Socks are definitely a bad idea unless they are Tenspeed Hero socks in which case the more the merrier. RULE #28 states: “Socks can be any damn colour you like” and TSH socks come in every damn colour and pattern you could possibly want for a sporty loved one. Hoping some will find their way under my tree this year.”


Neil Stevens Print

Neil Stevens Print suggested by Troy Squires

“Neil’s poster illustrations cover a variety of subjects – football, cities, music, and shipping forecasts to mention a few, but it’s his cycling prints that resonate with my inner design geek. I’d love to have a few of these grace my walls. I’ve had the joy of working with Neil in a professional capacity for work projects and his work is top class.”


tri pwr tight-black-product overview thumb - 310x450

Fusion Tri PWR Tight suggested by Paul Smernicki

“Quite simply the best running and tri short available. The gel pocket on each leg is perfect iPhone size and these are totally bombproof. I now do almost all my running in these – comfy as f*@k”.



AeroPress Coffee Maker suggested by Alan Grove

“An Aeropress is now on my list. Why? Because people I know who are obsessed by coffee swear by it.”



Mahabi Slippers suggested by Jane Hansom

“Perfect after a hard day in bike shoes.”


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