Pies. A Christmas Tale.

The festive period is often a key time for athletes, and I recently put this important question to Twitter.

Before we proceed, let’s be clear about defining the actual pie. We are talking exclusively about the Mince Pie, described on Wikipedia thus: “a small British fruit-based mincemeat sweet pie traditionally served during the Christmas season.”

For the benefit of American’s and Dundonians, we are not talking about mince as in minced beef, or indeed the mince peh (sometime confused with the ‘mince roond’).

Now that we are clear, lets move on.

The first reply came from Team Sky rider (and Black Line London playlist contributor) Luke Rowe:

This was a good start – advice from a pro is always worth listening to and it seemed to be an endorsement of a high pie volume.

But then a reminder that pies can easily escalate from James:

Thanks James – but I need answers. Then Tom suggested there may be a some sort of  golden ratio:

This was edging closer to what I wanted – unambiguous numbers.

Then Guy blew the doors open and flipped my thinking on it’s head – maybe it’s not how many, but how few:

And expanding on that theory, Troy pops up with an equation:

Just as it felt like things were moving forward – Captain Buzzkill chips in:

But that was just a diversion. Back on track as Paul Burton suggests a single pie might require 10 TSS points to offset. I might have thought it would be more, but an interesting theory:

And the most recent contribution defines not only an actual number of pies, but an acceptable window of pie opportunity. Very interesting….

So I feel OK about the pies now – it seems that by almost any measure, I’m well within safe territory. I may even be able to increase my pie intake slightly.

Please feel free to add to the discussion below……

UPDATE: Whilst I loved the idea of an equivalent TSS per pie (as suggested by Paul Burton), I was uncomfortable with the 10 point allocation. So, i consulted the experts at Training Peaks, with the help of a shark.



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