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Welcome to Black Line London.

The Black Line means the path we choose to follow in life.

It’s the bottom of the pool, the road beneath our wheels, the trail under our feet.

Black Line London is a collective of like-minded souls who believe that coming first or last doesn’t matter. It’s how you get there that counts.

That means banter not smack talk, mixing rock n’ roll with your swim/bike/run, a positive life filled with friends, family, sport, music, laughter, real food and respect for others.

Black Line London will be always on and always together even if we’re continents apart.

Black Line London will come together off line for rides, runs, races and socials and – it goes without saying – have devastatingly awesome kit.

Welcome to Black Line London. We are a team of friends.

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    Hi Blackline,
    I found you on Instagram yesterday and was very impressend with the beautiful jersey!
    I am a mountain biker from South Africa and got an entry to do the Cape Town Cycle tour race. (previously known as the Cape Argus roed race)
    I would like to get a beautiful unique jersey for the race on Sunday 6 March 2016. I would like to buy am XL jersey. But need to know weather you will use a courier or normal Royal Mail? Because I need to know which address to provide.
    I am looking forward hearing from you!
    Kind regards,

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